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The Generative Data Lake for Enterprise Data,  Accelerate your enterprise engineering and analytics development time by 10x to 20x

Generative Enterprise Analytics platform powered by Gen AI Large Language Models deployed on Azure, AWS and GCP within your own private cloud networks and enterprise level security standards applied

Existing Problem

Enterprises invest a significant amount of resources, both in terms of time and money, towards developing complex data engineering pipelines, etl/elt workflows, analytics models, data warehouse, data lakes, & complex business insights, but often fall short in achieving their intended outcomes.

Solutions Offered by Lucid Data Hub

An GenAI powered tool for faster and smarter data management and analysis. Lucid Data Hub is like having a co-pilot to guide you through every step of your data journey, from collecting, integrating and organizing data to analyzing it for valuable insights. It automates various tasks such as data analysis, data mapping, data engineering, and generative analytics. It can speed up your projects by 10 to 20 times compared to traditional methods. This allows your team to accomplish more in less time and with fewer resources.


Accelerate Data Projects

Speed up data projects up to ten times faster than conventional techniques.

Unique Data Analytics

Automatically discover and derive valuable business KPIs and measurements. 


Lightweight Workflows

Transform your current complex ETL data pipelines into a relatively lightweight ETL workflow.

Cost Effective

Save a substantial amount of time and project implementation costs 

How Lucid Data Hub accelerate Enterprise Data Engineering & Analytics?

By end to end automation using Lucid Data Hub's Generative Analytics Platform's intelligent models that are powered by GenAI


Run a data profiling process to understand the data

10x Speed


Common patterns,relationships ,tranformation logic of data

10x Speed


Generate integrated semantic data model

10x Speed


Generate and present valuable business insights and KPI’s

Core Benefits

The core benefits of Lucid Data Hub’s Generative Analytics Model

Automated Analytics Data Modelling

The benefit of Lucid Data Hub's "Automated Analytics Data Modelling" is that it allows businesses to automatically derive valuable business KPIs and measures from their organizational operational data systems, using GenAI capabilities.

AI Generated Automated Data Mapping

Lucid Data Hub will automatically map all types of enterprise data, regardless of the source or format, using GenAI technology. This eliminates the need for manual data mapping, saving time and effort for data platform teams. This will enable data teams to with simple and efficient way for businesses to develop and operate their data pipelines.

AI Generated Industry Valuable Measures

AI Generated Industry Valuable Measures" feature is that it leverages GenAI technology to automatically identify and derive valuable business Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and measures based on an organization's operational data systems. It would be difficult, if not impossible, to find using traditional analytics methods


Venu Amancha

With more than 15 years of enterprise data experience, our founder Venu Amancha has held data & AI engineering and architect positions with Microsoft, Adastra, Tech Mahindra, and with deep enterprise data platform implementations experience across the industries. His passion for data engineering & analytics propelled him to convert his ideas and thoughts into "LUCID DATA HUB" in order to make a significant impact on the world of enterprise data.

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